Parents and Teachers

We've all seen the smile on the face of a child making art. Every kid loves to create a masterpiece, be it on paper, on a chalkboard, or even in the sand! But the benefits - as well as the joy - of art in education are becoming increasingly recognized. The importance of STEM skills - science, technology, engineering, and math - hallmarks of 21st century education, have evolved into STEAM skills, adding Art into the equation. The inclusion of the arts makes STEM subjects more fun to learn, and more accessible to different types of learners.
A growing body of research, including reports by the Arts Education Partnership and the Dana Foundation present compelling evidence that art promotes basic academic and social skills that every child needs. SmART sketcher™ was created to combine the fun of art, the enticement of technology, and essential learning skills in innovative and impactful ways. A balance of online and offline activities makes smART sketcher™ a unique way to engage kids of all ages, and a way for parents and educators to work and play together.

Skills Taught

smART sketcher™ creates playful ways for kids to learn and develop essential skills.
  • Fine Motor Skills: Holding a crayon, tracing a fine line, or coloring with a marker nurtures fine motor skills in small hands and promotes the dexterity needed for beginning, as well as advanced, writing.
  • Language Development: Talking about art creates opportunities to learn words for colors, shapes and the types of lines and designs drawn. Pictures can be starting points for telling stories and describing actions.
  • Creativity: Choosing a color, a drawing tool, a character, or creating a story gives kids the chance to make fail-safe decisions and experiment with new ideas.
  • Digital Learning: Integrating a smart phone or tablet into kids' activities often engages them through play, enabling them to absorb new information in new ways. It also empowers them to move seamlessly between online and offline worlds.

Activities to do

Use smART sketcher™ as a starting point to engage in activities that foster critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity.

    Once a child is comfortable using smART sketcher™ Learn-A-Language Alphabets Packs to form letters, have him or her try writing the alphabet on other surfaces. Make letters in a sandbox, using soap in the bath, with spaghetti, or even in the air.


    Have your child name the colors while drawing with the smART sketcher™. Talk about what color is a favorite. Then find and name colors all around you. Older children can also find and name lighter or darker versions of colors, such as pink, red, and burgundy.


    Have your child draw background scenery on smART sketcher™ Creativity Packs. Talk about what he or she is drawing. Listen to the story your child tells.


    Take photos with a mobile device and download them for sketching with a smART sketcher™. What happens when your child changes the colors? For example, take a photo of a tree. Color the leaves green. What would it look like in the fall? Or the winter?