How to Keep Kids Creative Outside of the Classroom

School’s out for the weekend! With the completion of another full week of school, soccer practice and play dates, the weekends are when parents try to introduce fun and exciting activities that also keep young ones learning outside of the classroom.

Creative play is not only important in developing a child’s fine motor skills, but it is also valuable by:

  • Promoting problem solving
  • Developing critical thinking skills
  • Enhancing kids’ vocabulary and verbal skills
  • Developing important social skills

Here are some fun ways to ensure your young ones use their creativity all weekend long.

  1. Stock up on inexpensive art supplies: crayons, paper, markers, and devote a corner of your house to art.The art corner allows kids to use their downtime without staring at a computer or TV screen, while keeping their hands busy drawing and creating masterpieces they can be proud of!
  2. Make their time spent on screen useful.There are numerous educational and activity apps that can be downloaded free of charge to keep kids engaged. And they can be taken anywhere your mobile device goes! For those long family road trips or rainy days spent inside, educational and creative apps can be just the tool a parent needs to know kids are getting the best out of their time on screen.
  3. Boost confidence.Last, but certainly not least, collect and frame kids’ art creations to be hung around the house or given as gifts. Not only is this a great way to showcase your little artists’ abilities but it will also boost their confidence in knowing they made something worthy of a spot on your wall!

Take away some of the stress of the weekends and remember the importance of creativity and letting your young ones use their imagination.