smART sketcher® projector

Become the smartest artist!


1Select a themed smART sketcher SD.

2Insert SD into top of the projector and PROJECT.

3Sketch like a pro using step-by-step instructions.

Turn any photo into a smART sketch!

Download your pictures with our FREE app.

  • "It enhances eye-hand coordination""This image projector is great for learning how to draw by tracing. It enhances eye-hand coordination and refines children’s understanding of 2D representation."@OneSmileyMonkey (Instagram)
  • "She requests to play with it!""You can …download the app and have thousands of options for sketching. Sophia has been working on her letters and even sounding out words with it too! She requests to play with it! That’s when you know it’s an awesome learning tool!"@NormalMommyIG
  • "He is always so proud when he is finished""As a homeschool mom to three kids, I enjoy having fun things around the house that the kids are able to go to on their own and do something fun that will help improve their skills in other areas. I have found Ameen at the SMART PROJECTOR on more than one occasion drawing a picture on his own and he is always so proud when he is finished."@Awadadventures (Instagram)